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Take Control of False Alarms

Rarely is it cost effective for a jurisdiction to administer a false alarm reduction program because it is very costly to build and operate.

With ATB Services a jurisdiction gets the following:
Access to experts in the administration of
false alarm reduction programs.
Administrative and technical services that are
very cost effective.
Many pricing options which included our most popular "Per Transaction Paid." With this pricing option, ATB Services covers all of the start up and on-going expenses to operate a jurisdiction's false alarm program. ATB Services is compensated by taking a processing fee for each transaction paid.

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PMAM Corporation of Irving, Texas, Acquires ATB Services, Inc. of Colorado Springs

ATB, like PMAM, works with communities and law enforcement agencies to reduce false alarms, by providing a process for recovering costs from false alarm dispatches. Read More...
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    We could not
afford to administer
our own false alarm
reduction program.
By utilizing ATB
Services we got a
very cost effective
A Client in Iowa